Statutory Compliance

Building Regulations

With few exceptions all construction work in the UK must meet minimum standards and statutory compliance requirements. Those standards are contained within the Building Regulations. This mandatory legislation applies to both commercial and residential structures. If you need to make an application to ensure the works comply with these regulations contact us for advice on:

  • Existing buildings and new developments

  • Guidance on the performance expected of materials and building work standards

  • Procedures to be adopted when implementing, carrying out and completing building works

We will liaise with local authority building control officers to ensure that all issues regarding your application are resolved satisfactorily so that works meet the minimum mandatory standards.

Planning Applications & Advice

We undertake instructions for preparation and submission of all commercial and domestic planning applications. We advise clients on a range of planning matters including:

  • Full and outline planning consents

  • Certificates of compliance

  • New build, extensions, material alterations and change of use,

  • Article 4 directions

  • Listed building consents

  • Conservation area consent.

Planning permission requires any development to be commenced within 3 years. Typically consents include a number of conditions which need to be complied with before commencement. For more information check out the planning portal.

statutory compliance
statutory compliance

Inclusive design recognises diversity and difference and aims to remove the obstacles that create unnecessary physical exertion. It enables everyone to join in equally, positively and freely in everyday activities. We use our design inspiration and imaginative thinking to find the optimum solution. We advise and implement improvements by applying best principles for improvements on:

  • Approach, car parking and drop off points

  • Pedestrian routes, level changes, including ramps and steps

  • Building entrances including automated options

  • Horizontal or vertical movement and level changes

  • Accessible toilets/showers and changing facilities

  • Fixtures and fittings standards

  • Information signage internal and external

  • Means of escape including visual and audible alarms and signage

By undertaking an initial survey audit we provide you with recommendations and cost effective solutions that achieve the best and most cost effective methods of achieving compliance.

Special Environmental Needs

Special Environmental Needs (SEN) is the process of ensuring that a building is suitable for people with special education needs. This often requires a different approach when it comes to meeting statutory compliance, so it’s important that basic guidelines and regulations are adhered to. Here at Chesterton Smart, we can ensure the following when working with a SEN project:

  • Ensuring that the project is safe for people with special education needs.

  • Providing projects solutions for the inclusion of facilities for SEN.
  • Assisting in ensuring that the project is designed and constructed with appropriate levels of accessibility in mind.

  • Explain the principles and concepts of a proposal or suggested project design.

It is vital that you find the right consultants for your needs. Get in touch with our team today to see how we can provide support for your SEN building projects around Leicestershire.