Other Services

Expert Witness

A well drafted expert witness report assists the parties to reach agreement and settle a dispute prior to or during court proceedings. The format of our report will be governed by the courts Civil Procedure Rules and any Practice Directions.

We provide expert witness services for defective workmanship, contractual and technical disputes that arise on construction projects. We act in this capacity as a:

  • Legal Advisor
  • Shadow Expert
  • Own Party Expert
  • Single Joint Expert

Our surveyors have undertaken professional training and have achieved the recognised qualification – Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence (LETAPAEWE) accredited by Edexcel at a level 7 (Masters Level) BTEC and approved by the RICS

Property Valuation

Market valuation for purposes such as: establishing if the agreed purchase price is correct, confirming the value of an owned property or properties for tax, asset portfolio, matrimonial and probate purposes

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Schedules of Condition

If you are considering acquiring a lease for business premises a commercially minded incoming tenant will have the condition of the premises documented before acquiring the tenancy. A comprehensive schedule of condition will:

  • Recording existing defects

  • Provide photographic evidence of condition on taking a lease for a premises

  • Limit tenant’s dilapidation’s liability

Most business premises are let on full Repairing and Insuring Leases. They impose repairing covenants for which the tenant will become liable. The schedule is annexed to your lease and will restrict your repairing obligations on exit from the agreement.

Schedules of Dilapidations

Acting on your behalf we advise on all matters concerning the initial leasing and exiting from a lease for commercial property. We accept instructions covering:

  • Interim and terminal schedules

  • Licenses for alterations

  • Advising parties on claims

  • Statutory compliance issues

Your covenant to “yield up premises in repair” sets the scene for a dilapidations claim which can be costly and time consuming. If you are thinking of entering into a commercial lease then contact us to ensure that you fully understand your liability. We help you to take the appropriate steps at the outset to reduce your liability.

Party Wall Matters

The Party Wall Act came in to force in 1996. The Act enables a building owner to facilitate development in return for rights to carry out certain works. The building owner (a person having the work done) must notify those affected by such work in advance.

The Act provides that a building owner must not cause unnecessary inconvenience. This is taken to mean inconvenience over and above that which will inevitably occur when such works are executed. When carrying out any of the works to a party wall you must:

  • Inform all adjoining owners

  • Serve any notices in the prescribed form

  • Record the building condition before works are carried out

In essence an adjoining owner cannot stop someone exercising their rights given by the Act, but may be able to influence how and at what times work is undertaken.

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